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Why Choose SainoForce Technology ?


Our Human Resource Management application (HRM) is a comprehensive solution that has more than 20 modules which helps our clients to manage daily Human Resource process such as Staff Recruitment, Staff Management, Staff Attendance, Leave Management, Claim Management, Performance Management and Payroll Processing and etc.


Our Human Resource Management application (HRM) complies to all statutory bodies’ requirements such as Income Tax, Employee Provident Fund & etc for Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore.


Our team has more than 20 years of experience in providing Human Resource solution Implementation, Advisory and Consultancy.  Currently, we are managing more than 100,000 employee records for 50 companies in South East Asia region.


We also provide Payroll Outsourcing Services for our client that wish to have a hassle payroll processing processes.  Our Human Resource Advisory Panel comprieses of HR Practioners, Lawyers, Auditors and Accountants.


All of our Human Resource applications can integrate with any 3rd party devices such as Time Clock, Infrared Temperature Measuring System and also 3rd party applications such as ERP and Accounting system.

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