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SainoForce Technology

Human Resource ECO Solutions

We help our client in offering our Human Resource solution to manage daily Human Resource process such as Staff Recruitment, Staff Management, Staff Attendance, Leave Management, Claim Management, Performance Management and Payroll Processing and etc.
Our system can integrate with any 3rd party devices such as Time Clock, Infrared Temperature Measuring System and also 3rd party applications such as ERP and Accounting.
We also provide HR Advisory and Payroll Outsourcing services.

Our Solutions

SainoForce Technology Sdn Bhd is solution & technology company that is focus on Human Resource Eco Solutions for both Corporate and Employees

SainoForce HRM is a Modular & Integrated Human Resource Management System that focus on enabling organizations to grow together with modern workforce and new business environment. 


SainoForce COP offers HR Communication & Operation Solution such as Employee Self Service, E-Recruitment* and also Control Solution such as AI Face Recognition Attendance with Temperature Measuring.


SainoForce HAP is a Human Resource Advisory Platform that offers our corporate clients with Online HR advisory covering aspects such as Compliance, Law, Statutory, Internal Policy, KPI & etc.

Implementation & Consulting Services

We offer Implementation and Consultancy services as well as integration to 3rd party hardware & software

HR & Payroll Outsourcing Services

We provide hassle-free Human Resource and Payroll Outsourcing Services for our client.

Application Deployment Services 

We offer both On-Premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud deployment for all our applications.

Our Solutions

Ready to find out more?

We are confident our solution will fit your human resource requirements.  We offers free application demonstration tailored to your environment!

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