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HR Artificial Intellignet Management

How It Works

SainoForce AIM is a Modular Artificial Intelligent Management System that provides our client with state-of-art and user-friendly AI modules from staff onboarding, employee engagement, talent management, and recruitment to HR analytics.

Artificial Intelligent Management
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HR AI Assistant

A Human Resources (HR) AI assistant, also known as an HR chatbot or HR virtual assistant, is an AI-powered software designed to assist HR professionals and employees with various HR-related tasks and inquiries, enhancing efficiency and the employee experience.

What AI Assistant can do in HR ?

  • On-Boarding

  • FAQ on Company Policy

  • Employee Engagement

  • Recruitment

  • Annual Review / Self Assesment

  • Common Question

  • Employee Satisfication

  • Employee Training

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HR Talent Management

AI for Recruitment & Talent Management allows recruiters to better leverage their Talent Management and Applicant Tracking, providing the ability to hire more efficiently, shortlist more accurately, and screen resumes with data driven decision making.​

Smart Recuitment

Talent Inteligence



Save Time

Data Driven

HR AI Analytic

Data Analytics is the key to our solutions. We process raw data to analyse and answer the right questions.

  • People analytics involves using data and data analysis to enhance workforce understanding and optimization.

  • Also referred to as talent analytics or HR analytics, it aids in decision-making for managers and executives regarding their employees.

  • People analytics offers insights that assist in efficient employee management to achieve organizational goals.

Learning Experience Platform

An HR AI Learning Experience Platform (HR AI LXP) is a revolutionary tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to transform employee training and development. By personalizing learning experiences through AI-driven insights, it empowers organizations to boost workforce skills, engagement, and performance, making it a vital asset in today's competitive business landscape.

Learn at your own pace

Right recommendations

Retaining the talent
A digital learning culture
AI Virtual Coach

Ready To Find Out More ?

We are confident our solution will fit your human resource requirements.  We offers free application demonstration tailored to your environment!

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